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Stevenson Middle School Media Center

Welcome to Stevenson Middle School Media Center

The Media Center has -----

  • Flexible Scheduling - Students are allowed to come to the library on an as need basis, with the permission of their teacher, as long as there is not a scheduled class in the library.
  • Scheduled Classes - All students, grades 5-8, have one scheduled library time each week.
  • Nine Dell computers with Internet access and the most current programs and print capability for student use.
  • Automated Card Catalog and Circulation System 

Resources ----

  • Over 8000 Books which includes over 3000 fiction books and over 1300 science books (Dewey Decimal 500s & 600s)
  • Reference Material
  • Videos/DVDs
  • Television/VCR/DVD Player carts which can be checked out by teachers
  • Over head projectors
  • Digital Projector on a cart for portable use
  • Distance learning equipment and technology which can be used anywhere



Programs/Reading Incentives


Kiss the Snake -- Mr. Paradise has agreed that he will kiss the snake next fall if 18,000 AR tests are passed this school year.  We are currently ( October 28 ) at 3000 AR tests passed.  Students are going to have to get busy if Mr. Paradise is going to have to kiss the snake.


Accelerated Reader (AR) -- Students have access to the web-based Accelerated Reader program which provides access to quizzes on over 150,000 fiction and nonfiction books.  Each student has an individualized AR goal. Students are given an AR grade in their reading class which is based on the percentage of their AR goal achieved and their average percent correct on quizzes. 


ALABAMA MIDDLE SCHOOL READING INITIATIVE -- In addition to AR (Accelerated Reader) we are participating in Alabama Middle School Reading Initiative.  This program recommends that students read set a amount of chapter books per grade level per year : 5th grade should read 10 chapter books,  6th grade should read 15 chapter books,  7th grade should read 20 chapter books,  8th grade should read 25 chapter books.  To count as a chapter book the book must be worth at least 2 AR points. 

 Alabama Middle School Reading Initiative Update --- The following students have read the recommended number of chapter books for their grade level.  We are proud of their accomplishment.  

  • 5th Grade - Molly Day, Cade Hubbard, Jayda Hutchins, Angel Morton, Lilly Preciado, Jenna West, Lyndi Rudder, Kalianne Shrader, Rachel King, Ethan Whisenant, Sydney Lacy, Andrew Gamble, Peyton Pack


7th & 8th Grade Science Classes -- Mr. Williamson requires 7th and 8th grade students to earn 5 AR points on nonfiction books


AR Reward Trip 

 If there is enough student participation, we plan on rewarding those students who earned 150% or more of their AR goal for both the first and second nine-week periods with a trip to Hollywood 10 in Scottsboro and buffet lunch at Pizza Hut.  We must have at least 35 students to meet these requirements for this trip. This trip will be in late January or February.

There will be another AR trip sometime in May for those students who earn 150% of their goal for the 3rd and 4th nine-week periods.  The movie we will watch has not been decided upon yet. 


West Rock Donation

West Rock has made a generous donation to the library for new library books.  These books have been ordered and should be ready to check out in the next few days.  If you know some one who works for West Rock, please make it a point to thank them for their donation to our school.